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Midori Traveler's Notebook Modification

I've been using it for weeks now. And I need to customize this notebook again to fulfill my needs. For 2 weeks I can make some point to what I want to change and add into my notebook as daily notebook and wallet.

First, I add 2 more elastic band.
I poked 8 holes near the first elastic band, like this...

I use pointy sculpting tools that i have to poke a hole, you can also use pointy knife if you want. And you can use screwdriver to enlarge the hole. For tutorials, I see this guy on YouTube done the same thing with his MTN. The difference between my modification and his, is I tied the elastic band individually, and I tried it up inside.

What this allows me to do is to bound my notebook refill on one elastic band, so it will look tidier. Not having the frustration of one notebook stick out or the insert moving around etc. It could help you to take out the notebook refill without messing up with the other inserts.

Because I cannot find the exact same elastic size as the Midori has, I use 1mm elastic band I bought from an online shop for a very cheap price.

You can see it's thinner than the Midori elastic band, but I don't mind because the quality is almost the same and as strong as Midori has. If it snap, you can always change it with a new one. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

And there you go, all neat and tidy.


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