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For All Those Who Wanders, What The Fuck Am I Doing With My Life

No, no...
This is not a self-reflection post... this is actually a blog about onesixth scale figure custom.

Little items I ordered, arrived yesterday. These are the cheapest 1/6 accessories I could find. And, yes they fit perfectly on Henry (the name of my doll). I am making a new story line. It's still in progress though.

I gave him some scars from battle. Because he's a war AI robot. Only make sense if we make it so, don't you think?

I also blush his hands lol.
Make it looks more....bloody.

I use soft pastel for the body and for the hands. For the body, I don't need to seal it or anything, because the silicone is easily stained. The hands however, I use MSC to seal the color. One spray is enough. I guess. I don't know yet, but as long as it didn't come off, I am okay with it.

By the way, this is the scars on the back. More details on his arms... and stuff.

For the scars, to make it shinny like that, I use PVA glue and a toothpick.
The glue dries very fast.

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My perfect old camera bag iz BACK!!!

if you follow this blog, you night know about my visval bag that broke. I fixed it! Well, not me who fixed it, I brought it to a repair shop, and they change the broken part with leather. The thing about leather, they last long.

↑ That's the broken part that they change into leather.

↑ This is why I like to use this as my to-go-camera-bag, it has a tripod holder.

↑ I can fit my canon 70D inside this bag, including some accessories for the camera, like microphone and little light. Some minimalist video production there...

↑ I can put my phones or my wallet inside that small compartment.  This bag is not expensive at all. The size is just right for me.

Really happy to finally be able to use this bag again. It's very useful, and back then before I broke it, I use it everywhere I go. Sometimes not only to bring camera, but also notebook or novels I want to read on the road.
Maybe if you want to buy this bag from Visval, take it to repair shop before it broke and change the part th…

The Feeling of Almost Forgetting Your Own Birthday

I was wondering how can someone forget their own birthday long long time ago. And I can't believe, I almost forgetting my own birthday lol. I'm very busy this week. I thought I am going to have a lot of free time, but so many schedule fall into places this week, I have so many responsibility I need to get done ASAP. Mostly school stuff, and home stuff. Yesterday night, I was putting my appointment and schedule on my Notebook and then I saw my birthday is this week, after I saw it, I was like... "Oh my god, I haven't think about it at all." HAHAHAHA... I guess it's a sign that I'm an adult now. Everything comes first before myself. 
If I can wish for my birthday, probably, I want Samsung Note 8 lol... but it's very unlikely someone will buy that for me. Fufufu... It's not out yet. People said Samsung Galaxy 8+ is good enough and the battery last longer than Note 8, but I don't care. I like the pen, also some features like.... I don't even …

"Why so many Instagram accounts?" One Might Ask

So yeah, I have 3 instagram accounts. FUCKING DEAL WITH IT ALREADY. I don't mean to brag but, I can't stand seeing so many things happens in one account. I. DON'T. LIKE. IT. But you don't have to worry, I will stay faithful to this one blog and one website for serious articles.

Instagram doesn't have album management so, it forces me to have one account for one subject. I am a person with so many interests and hobby for Christ Sake. Sometimes, maybe most of the time, you see people only have one account, they mix their personal photos with their hobbies and stuff. I have no problem with it, actually I want to be like them, makes my life easier, but I can't. I tried but can't. Nope. Nope. Not working for me, u uh...

Maybe for Facebook or Twitter it's fine, but for Instagram, I TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Why? Because it's like your business profile. My personal account is filled up with pictures I photograph for my photography portfolio. So when people ask my…

Winsor and Newton 45 Half Pans First Impression

I cannot believe I finally got my hands on this expensive stuff. This is actually a present from my dad for my graduation. AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Months ago, I bought Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor, just to try how good the colors are. And actually, they are pretty good. I bought primary colors by the way, I put them in a tin can and I bring it around and use it when I sit alone in a cafe, or just suddenly have an idea what to draw. I fill up my journal with drawings instead of photos. I train myself to draw and to observe the surroundings, find things to convert into paint and ink. I almost fill one journal with drawings. I like the process so far, and I want to do it more often. I don't think I can share those pages here though. They are exclusive, only for myself to enjoy. Besides the writings are too personal.
Anyway, my impression about first hands on experience is kinda satisfying. First, I love it because the palette is huge. Second, they have 45 half pans, with 40 …

What now?

Hei guys, I have a good news, I officially finished my education from college yesterday. I FEEL HAPPY, but not that happy actually. It's more like "relief" lol. MY HEART IS DEAD, it's gone. lol. I'm heartless.

To be honest, I feel grateful, for my friends. We support each other yesterday, we make sure every single one of us graduate this year. Super grateful for them. Even our friend who's graduated last year, come to school to show support for us. So happy. She also gave me a little handmade present.

And by the way Okutav also made this rose for each of us who pass the last exam.

Valk gave us chocolate, but I ate it right away lol. I WAS SUPER HUNGRY.

I lost weight because of this... just so you know.
Which is good, actually, I am not complaining. I killed two birds with one stone.
I can finally slept well last night, my dream was weird again, I feel like myself again.

But after those happy moments, what I am going to do now?
We'll see.


My greatest sin of all.

Gotta admit one thing, original product (most of the time) cannot be replace by imitation. I bought the cheaper one, earlier this year, and I don't like it because the cover is too thin. I thought I Traveler's Notebook system might not work for me. Then last June I finally get myself the original Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN) and I fall in love with it every day. This is a cool system that finally works for me. Now, after I thought I won't need a new one, I decided to get myself a new exclusive edition of MTN cover. 

It's not here yet. We cannot buy it unless we go to Tokyo Station. This one is exclusive edition for that particular shop. It's not here yet. I just told my friend yesterday to get one of this for me. I probably will buy two, one to sell again. One for me to use/keep.
To be very very honest, I don't need this. But since my friend is in Japan, and I got some spare money, and I really like the color (it's in between the camel and regular …